Online Handgun Training

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You are visiting an Oklahoma approved school for handgun training! If you are an Oklahoma citizen the law states that YOU MUST take handgun training from an approved provider. The state of Oklahoma does not recognize certificates from unapproved courses outside of the state.

Online Handgun Training

OHT has just been approved by both the Oklahoma Legislature as well as the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) to teach citizens of Oklahoma the necessary 6 hours of classroom training which will be the first step towards becoming eligible for a gun permit in Oklahoma.

OHT is Freedom!

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Oklahoma Law


Each applicant for a license to carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun pursuant to the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act must successfully complete a firearms safety and training course in this state conducted by a registered and approved firearms instructor as provided by the provisions of this section or from an interactive online firearms safety and training course available electronically via the Internet approved and certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. The applicant must further demonstrate competence and qualification with an authorized pistol of the type or types that the applicant desires to carry as a concealed or unconcealed handgun pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, except certain persons may be exempt from such training requirement as provided by the provisions of Section 1290.15 of this title.

Need Hands-On Instruction

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Concealed/Open Handgun Training

Safety is the bottom line! You are here because you need Handgun Training. But really, you just want the right to carry a handgun for protection! It’s our right as citizens of the United States! 

Yet, all firearm training courses are not created equal. Just because a course says they can certify you online, does not mean that they legally can. If you take from an unapproved course you have just wasted your money.